Why did my english teacher give me low score?I'm a college student I like my English instructor. I think he loves me too. Last weak I told him indirectly that I think about him he just smiled and...

Why did my english teacher give me low score?

I'm a college student I like my English instructor. I think he loves me too. Last weak I told him indirectly that I think about him he just smiled and look at me nicely. But yesterday he gave us the scores, mine was the lowest. What should I do? Why did he give me the lowest score? My exam was very good I know that I did well. Please help me what should I do is it ok to talk to him?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is really complex.  The respsonses featured here can testify to this.  I am not sure that I can do much here because it is really convoluted, but I will try to sort some of these things out.  The first issue is the low score.  I think that this can be addressed in a couple of ways.  Initially, I think you need to look and examine the work you submitted with the grade on it in a very dispassionate and calm manner.  You possess some distinct emotions that would get the best of anyone, so I would try to set them aside when looking at the work sample that was marked low because this is about learning and whether or not you understand the material.  Look at the work sample you did, the comments (if any), and the areas that were marked down.  What happened there?  Was the instructor right in marking you down, in that you made some mistakes that didn't occur to you?  Once you have done this and fully analyzed the work sample in a calm manner, you have the first step down.  Don't fool yourself in thinking this will be easy.  It's not going to be because it's always difficult to look at what we think went well but ended up not matching our expectations.  Once it has been examined, you will have to approach the instructor.  I think talking about the work sample and trying to find out in a very professional and scholastic manner where mistakes were made is going to be critical.  In terms of the personal feelings, I cannot advise you where to go other than to say that I think it might be the best to put them aside.  In all honesty, it sounds as if the situation is confusing enough and that there is much being balanced here.  The emotions might be adding more complexity to a situation that is already really nuanced.  I certainly think that bringing those feelings out when you are trying to figure out what happened on this exam is not a good thing.  You will decide as to where to go on this level, but figuring out what happened on the exam might be your first step and following some plan could help there.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems that you may be crossing the line with your english instructor. You stated that you think he may "love" you too, so I am assuming you may have a crush on him. Although it can be common for a student to develop a crush on their professors, it is important that you realize that this is a person that is in a position of respect. You should respect your professor and telling him that you "think" about him probably made him uncomfortable and perhaps confused.

As far as the english grade goes, I would simply talk to him about the grade. Do not complicate the discussion by telling him that you "like or love" him. You are there to learn and you need to know what you can do to improve your grade.

meloud-star | Student


 HE give you A LOW  score to let you come back to him because he know that you will not satisfies with your score? but you should not tell him your feelings because him who should say that,because he have alot of student in the class how he wil recognize you ,be aware of that ok. 

IT's very usful  to talk to him and with respect and don't talk about emotions. until you solve your problem.ok


sydgilbey | Student

First, are you upset about your low score or the response you received when you told your teacher you liked him? If it is the latter, I would suggest you seek some counseling. Most schools have a guidance or counseling center where you could meet with someone to process issues and feelings you may be experiencing.

If you are upset about the low score you can do a few things. Does your school have a tutoring center or a writing center where you might review you work with someone other than your instructor? that mighthelp you receive feedback that is constructive and eliminate any awkwardness you may feel about meeting with your teacher.

If you feel you can, you should consider making an appointment with your teacher to go over the exam. Ask him for feedback on the items where you scored low. Keep the meeting business-like. As an alternative, you could send your teacher an email and ask for suggestions to improve your grade --he might be able to suggest a center or service that can help you address why you received a low score.

brightlance | Student

You never should be satisfied with your grades if it is below your expectations. Go talk to him. He won't be disturbed or anything.

It is.. always important to ask "Why"

ivana | Student

There is no reason why you should not talk with him if you are not satisfied with your grade.