The Lesson Questions and Answers
by Toni Cade Bambara

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Why did Miss Moore take the students to FAO Schwarz in "The Lesson"?

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The narrator, a young girl named Sylvia who is quite irritated at having to learn from Miss Moore rather than go to the pool or the movies, says that Miss Moore talks to them about "what [their] parents make and how much goes for rent and how money ain't divided up right in this country." However, just talking about something like this and allowing people to come to the realization of it themselves are two very different things.

Miss Moore seems to understand that the children will not really imbibe the lesson when it is spoken only, and so she has to give them an experience that demonstrates the idea that "money ain't divided up right." There are many different places that she could take them to show them about the financial disparity among various groups of people, but she—quite cleverly—takes the children to a place that she knows will not only get their attention but also keep it. By taking them to FAO Schwartz, a toy store, she knows that the children will be interested because...

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