The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman by Ernest J. Gaines

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Why did Miss Jane Pittman move to Bayonne even though Jimmy was killed?

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I think you are asking why Miss Jane went into the city of Bayonne after Jimmy was killed, correct? The folks on the pecan plantation learn of Jimmy's death, and then Jane stoicly announces that she is "going to Bayonne."

Throughout this novel, Jane is always wondering who will be "the one" - the one to lead the blacksĀ  off the plantation in the beginning of the novel, the one to lead them out of slavery later, the one to lead her to Ohio and freedom, the one to lead them away from prejudice, the one to lead them to equal rights. When Jimmy is born and turns out to be a bright, educated young man, when he returns, she asks again "Is you the one, Jimmy?"

When Jimmy is killed, Jane realizes that SHE is the one. She has always been the one. Just like each of us, it is up to us to fight against inequality. We cannot always be looking for someone else to do it. It is the responsiblity of every individual. Jane realizes this very late in her life, but she does realize it finally with Jimmy's death. She bravely and defiantly goes to Bayonne, in spite of being told not to go there, and drinks from the "whites only" water fountain. This is a very powerful moment in the novel and an important example that reveals the theme.

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