Why did Arthur Miller write The Crucible ?

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In 1692, Salem, Massachusetts, one of the most distasteful times in America occurred.  There were nineteen people hanged as witches.  Each had been accused of witchcraft. For various reasons and testimony by hysterical children and wicked people, innocent people were found guilty.  Many more had been imprisoned; but when the governor’s wife was accused, the hysteria came to an end.

The play The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an historical fiction drama based on the events in Salem in 1692.  Using dramatic license but based on historical facts, Miller consolidated characters and changed the ages so that fewer actors would be on the stage. 

Written in 1952, Miller intended his play to be an allegory of the current times.  The anti-communist congressional hearings were taking place at the time with Senator Joseph McCarthy as the leader. Realizing that the verbiage thrown around by this UnAmerican Activities Committee sounded similar to the language used in the Salem Witch Trials. From the...

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