Why did many people feel connected to the 9/11 attacks even though they are not affected I have to write a written responces on why many people feel connected to the 9/11 attacks. If you could help, that would be great.

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People in the United States felt connected to the 9/11 attacks for multiple reasons.

1.  The attack occurred on the United States' home soil.  It is often much easier for people to feel disengaged to terrorist attacks and violence that occur on foreign soil, because the incidents happen so far away from home.  The 9/11 attacks made terrorism much more personal to people in the United States, disabusing them of thoughts like, 'well, that sort of thing could never happen here...'  It did happen here, and many people felt it on a personal level because the attack occurred within their own country.

2.  The 9/11 attack targeted civilians.  Most of the victims were just average, every day people.  The rest of the country instantly identified with the victim's families, because in most cases, they had something in common.  It was heart-breaking to watch the news feed about parents, children, moms, and dads, searching for their lost loved ones.  People felt an emotional connection to the disaster, because of all the personal stories that came out of the tragedy.  The terrorist attack's fatalities shifted from nameless, faceless victims to real people with names and families that just wanted to find answers about what happened to their loved one in his or her last hours. 

September 11, 2001 was one of the most heart-breaking days in American history to date, because of the personal connection that people felt to the victims.

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