Why did Maniac love trash talk?Why did Maniac love trash talk?  

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe Maniac liked trash talk because it made him feel liked he belonged. Jeffery Magee AKA Maniac never felt he belonged anywhere after his parents died and he ran away from his estranged aunt and uncle. His quest was for an address, somewhere he could call his own, a home. Living with the Beales was nearly a "home", but he needed a peer group. If he could talk trash with the rest of the neighborhood boys, then he became one of them. Unfortunately, trash talk makes people sound ignorant or thuggish, something Mrs. Beale would not have in her home. She slapped Jeffrey to let him know that behavior was not acceptable there, that there were limits in her household. Maniac actually felt love for her when she disciplined him. It made him know she cared.