Why did Maniac bring Mars Bars to the West End? Was his plan successful?

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Maniac wanted to bring the West Enders and East Enders together. He felt that their ignorance about one another had led to animosity. Maniac himself had experienced this when he lived with the Beale family in the East End. A few people had wanted him to leave because he was white. In the West End, Maniac saw the hatred that the McNab family showed toward the black residents of the East End. Maniac wondered:

"What white kid could hate blacks after spending five minutes in the Beales' house? And what black kid could hate whites after answering Mrs. Pickwell's dinner whistle?"

Maniac decided to get Mars Bar to come to the West End. He practically dared him to go. Mars Bar finally stepped over the invisible border and into the West End. First, Maniac took Mars Bar to the Pickwell house for dinner. The Pickwell family welcomed Mars Bar, and his visit was a positive experience.

Next, Maniac took Mars Bar to the McNab house. The welcome there was not warm. George McNab made it clear that he did not want Mars Bar to be there because he was black. He even called him "it." The McNab family and the Cobras made it clear that Mars Bar was not welcomed. John McNab called him "sonny boy." Mars Bar became angry and went back to the East End. Maniac's plan to bring everyone together did not work. Mars Bar had enjoyed being around the Pickwell family, but he felt that Maniac had "suckered [him.]"

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