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Malcolm X's purpose in going to Mecca was as much spiritual as it was political.  After his well- publicized split with the Nation of Islam, Malcolm was searching for meaning, a way in which to interpret the world.  What he had learned with the Nation of Islam was minimized by the hypocrisy of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the actions in the Nation that seemed to foster individual power bases as opposed to broadening the spiritual appeal of Allah.  For Malcolm, going back to Mecca was a way in which he was able to return "to the source," finding meaning for himself as opposed to accepting what someone else had told him to accept.  In going back to Mecca, Malcolm understand a profound spiritual and political purpose, noting that he was able to worship along side "brothers... irrespective of color."  For Malcolm X, being able to embrace people, regardless of color, under the worship of Allah becomes a political and spiritual rallying point for him, signifying yet another element of change to his being.  For Malcolm X, this change is only possible through his pilgrimage to Mecca.

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