Why did the lorry driver find the destruction of the house humorous?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Part of what makes this story so challenging in terms of its impact on the reader is the reaction of the truck driver to all that he is seeing.  The truck driver is struck by the sheer surreal nature of that which is around him.  It is so destructive that it almost shocks the sensibilities to a point where laughter is evident.  The final paragraph of the story reveals this.  The driver laughs because he recreates the entire situation.  Starting with "the sudden check of his lorry" and "the crash of bricks falling."  There was "dignity" at one point, and then nothing.  The driver does not mean to insult Mr. Thomas, as he does indicate his apologetic stance towards everything.  Yet, he does clearly say that there is humor in the situation that exists outside of the situation. In saying," there's nothing personal," the truck driver gives a clear indication as to why he found the situation humorous.  The setting that has emerged is one in which there is no personal connection.  There is nothing personal.  There is merely situations, devoid of human emotion and affect.  It is in this condition where humor emerges, almost creating a barrer between individuals and their world and one another.  Through this, the truck driver laughs at the predicament of another.

amrita-dhaliwal | Student

He finds it humerous because he has been psycologically affected by the war. He is so used to seeing so much destruction take place during the war, and his brain is not quite the way it used to be ,(how it thinks, reacts etc.) In other words, it seems like the norm to him.

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