Why did the lone surviving slave of Laius's party plead with Jocasta to leave Thebes when he saw Oedipus on the throne in Oedipus Rex?

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The messenger who brings news of the death of Polybus, Oedipus 's father, tells him that Polybus was not his birth father.  Instead, he says, many years ago a shepherd gave the baby Oedipus to him, and he took the baby to Polybus and Merope, the king and queen of Corinth, who raised him as their own.  Oedipus demands that the shepherd be found and brought before them.  When this shepherd, once a slave belonging to Laius, arrives, he confirms that he and the messenger used to tend their flocks together when they were young, and he admits to giving the man a baby many years ago.  When the messenger tells the shepherd...

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