What inspired Lillian Hellman to write the play "The Little Foxes"?

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When Lillian Hellman grew up, she spent half her time in Southern New Orleans and the other half in New York City. However, after she married and became a writer, she never went back to the South. She hated what she called the South's immorality, especially against African-Americans and their greed. She said she based the Hubbard family of "The Little Foxes" on her own family, especially her great uncles, Max and Issac Marx and her great aunt, Sophie Newhouse Marx. "In William Wright's 1986 book, "Lillian Hellman: The Image, the Woman", Hellman is credited with saying that the Marx family grew 'rich from the 'borrowings' of poor Negroes,' and that this heritage fueled her lifelong radicalism." It was her desire in "The Little Foxes" (as well as other of her works) to reveal the truth about American values and expose the false values that existed for her, especially in the South.

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