Why did Leonato invite Claudio and Don Pedro to his house?

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Leonato, who is the father of Hero and uncle of Beatrice, is the governor of Messina, the setting of the play.  Don Pedro, the Prince of Aragon, comes to visit and is welcomed by Leonato.  Don Pedro is highly respected and is successful as a Prince and as a leader in battle.  Claudio is one of Don Pedro's officers, as is Benedick, who has known Leonato and his family for a long time.  Leonato is a gracious host and is honored to have Don Pedro come to his home.  It is fitting, also, that a visiting Prince would visit the home of the highest public official, in this case, the governor.  A visiting Prince would not just visit a minor official or a commoner because that would be beneath his station.  Furthermore, even though Don Pedro is Spanish (Aragon is in Spain), Claudio is Italian as is Leonato, obviously.  They have recently been very successful in battle and this stop at Leonato's serves as both a respite and a celebration.

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