Why did Kevin and Max go to the hospital in Freak the Mighty?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kevin and Max are the two teenage outcasts in the Rodman Philbrick novel, Freak the Mighty. Kevin is a very intelligent but physically stunted teen who suffers from the rare Morquio Syndrome, which forces him to use leg braces in order to walk. Max is the tall but socially deprived teenager who lives with his grandparents. The two boys first meet each other while in day care, but they become close friends after Kevin's mother moves next door to Max. When Max hoists Kevin onto his shoulders, together they become Freak the Mighty.

The two boys complete their 8th grade year, but shortly afterward Kevin is rushed to the hospital on his birthday. When Max finally visits his friend, Kevin has another attack. Max comes back to visit the next day, but he finds that Kevin has died. It is the end of the twosome that together makes Freak the Almighty.