Why did Julius Caesar pay no attention to the many warnings that his life was in danger?Like when the soothsayer warned him ides of March.

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Julius Caesar was not ignorant of the fact that threats and conspiracies had been made against his life. His seizure of power was unpopular amongst many Senators, some of which were quite vocal. His triumph and the following games that were organized in his honor where very unpopular because of their extravagance and viciousness. When he paraded the queen of Egypt thought the streets, many people cried out that he had to be stopped.

So despite the clear threat to his life, he ignored many of the warnings, mostly because they came in veiled, mystical forms. Rumors about the Ides of March were rampant, but rumors are always rampant. His wife had a dream in which he died, but this was far from concrete or convincing. His wife begged him to stay home, but his friend Brutas talked him out of it. On his way to the Senate on that faithful day, a man approached him and handed him a piece of paper with a warning, but Caesar chose to ignore it. It remained rolled up in his hand until he arrived in the Senate Chamber.

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