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why did Julius Caesar die? did he deserve to die? how did he die?

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Julius Caesar was a great general. His desire to rule Rome as the emperor came after several events occurred:

Caesar became a part of the triumvirate with Pompey

Caesar won many great battles bringing back slaves, gold, and other spoils of war.

Caesar was admired by many of the great Roman senators who valued Caesar for his acumen and courage.

Caesar believed that he could bully the Roman people as well as the senators into naming the lifelong king of Rome.

When Caesar came back to Rome after winning the war in Gaul, it became obvious to many powerful Romans that Caesar wanted complete and singular control of the government.  The Romans had traded this kind of government for an oligarchy style of government (ruled by the senate even though many of the senators were often corrupt). A majority of the senators would not bow to another monarchy and certainly not with the killer of Pompey. 

         These achievements granted him unmatched military power to

         eclipse the standing of Pompey, who had realign himself with

         the Senate after the death of Crassus in 53 B.C.

When Antony offered the crown to Caesar, it became apparent that Caesar would accept it and wanted to be the lifelong ruler of Rome.  This lead to a sinister plot to assassinate Caesar.  There were approximately 60 senators who supported the murder actually took part in it.      

Caesar's mistake was to place himself above all other men.  His arrogance prevented him from realizing that he was not supported by the most important men in Rome. This led to his bloody death on the floor of the senate building.

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Julius Caesar was killed by the senate of Rome. Caesar had recently killed Pompey, who had been part of the Triumvirate and a prior hero of Rome. Pompey had decided that he deserved to rule Rome, and Caesar stood up for the current government system and defeated him. Caesar was hailed a hero for his victory over Pompey. For this reason, the Roman people wanted Caesar to be king (as much as Caesar wanted to be king). However, the senate believed that Caesar would be a dictator and decided to kill him. 

Whether or not Caesar deserved to die is a completely subjective. Some will tell you yes, because he would have done horrible things for the Roman people. However, others will argue that killing someone for what they may have done is a horrible supposition--no one can ever truly know what will be. 

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laurto | Student

Julius Caesar was assassinated by the senate. He was considered a tyrant and they believed that they had done good by getting rid of him. In their minds, they were getting rid of a tyrant, someone who could bring down Rome. Whether he deserved to die is a difficult question. It all depends what you're reading and who wrote it because to many he was a good leader, to others he was a terrible leader. In my opinion, he was a tyrant and he definitely had to be taken down from all his power.