Why did Julio give Romy the prize he won at the fair in Romiette and Julio?

Julio gives Romy the prize he won at the fair because it's a plush toy lion, and during their online chat, Romy said that lions were her favorite pet.

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Not long ago, Julio won a small stuffed lion by throwing baseballs at the state fair. He had no idea why he kept it, but now he's incredibly glad that he did because he's sure that this little lion is going to make someone very happy indeed.

That someone just happens to be Romy. In their earlier online chat, Romy had asked Julio what star sign he was. Julio replied that he was a Leo, which is represented by a lion. Romy's very happy to hear this; lions are her favorite pets. The two log off, and plan to meet up the next day.

After he switches off his computer, Julio starts rummaging through some boxes of old stuff in his bedroom. As well as posters, books, and baseball cards, he also has a pretty impressive collection of rocks. And of course, he has the little stuffed lion that he won at the state fair the year before.

Julio plumps up the toy, which looks at him with a silly grin. He thinks that Romiette will love it. And it turns out that he's absolutely right, because when Romy finds the lion on her lunch table, she's positively thrilled. No one has ever given her a gift that's so thoughtful and wonderful.

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