Why did Jordan narrate Chapter IV of The Great Gatsby?

Why did Jordan narrate Chapter IV of The Great Gatsby? 

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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jordan doesn't narrate all of Chapter IV, but she does narrate one section of the chapter. After Nick describes the usual guests at Gatsby's parties, Gatsby and Nick go into town, and Gatsby eventually introduces Nick to one of his associates, Meyer Wolfsheim. Later that afternoon, when Nick meets up with Jordan at the Plaza Hotel, she tells him the story of how Gatsby and Daisy met, years ago, and how Daisy ended up marrying Tom Buchanan when Gatsby went away to fight in World War I. I suspect one of the reasons Jordan narrates this section of the novel is that it's a rather long story she tells, and filtering it through Nick's consciousness would dilute it. Everything in the novel hinges on this story, and allowing Jordan to tell it helps draw attention to it in a way that it would not if Nick narrated. In addition, having Jordan tell it puts the reader in the same position as Nick. He hears the story, unfiltered, from her, and it seems as though he listens in rapt attention. Allowing Jordan to tell the story herself means that we get it uninterrupted, just like Nick.

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