In The Outsiders, why do Johnny and Ponyboy go to Jay Mountain?

Expert Answers
dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 4 of “The Outsiders”, Ponyboy and Johnny “run away” from home and go to the park because Ponyboy got into an argument with his brother Darry.  They never intend to actually leave for a long time but when the Socs show up at the park and try to drown Ponyboy, Johnny feels that he has to save Ponyboy no matter what.  So, Johnny takes out his knife and stabs Bob, the Soc who is trying to drown Ponyboy, killing him.  After this happens, Johnny and Ponyboy run to Dally for advice, and he tells them to go to Windrixville; while there they hide out in an abandoned church on Jay Mountain.

elleka | Student

Darry and Pony get into an argument. Darry hits Ponyboy, and Pony and Johnny decide to run away. They intend tostay in town when they get caught by the Socs at the Park. One of the Socs started drowning Pony in the fountain, and Johnny kills Bob. Because of this, they rn away to Jay Mountain.

bekkygirl1 | Student

On the night of the beach movie, Ponyboy and Johnny wander in the park after Ponyboy and Darry get into an argument, and because Johnny's parents don't care about him in the least. While they are there, they are jumped by Bob and Randy, Cherry and Marcia's boyfriends, because they tried to 'pick up' on their women. Bob begins to drown Pony in a fountain, and, panicking, Johnny uses his switchblade and stabs Bob, immediately killing him. When Ponyboy comes to, they go to Buck Merril's where Dally is sleeping for his help. He gives them a gun and 50 bucks, and tells them to take a freight train in Windrixville to Jay Mountain, so they can hide out and not be caught and convicted for the murder of Bob Sheldon.