In Paul Zindel's The Pigman, why did John and Lorraine go to the cemetery with Dennis and Norton after school?

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The scene where John and Lorraine meet their two friends at the cemetery appears in chapter seven of Paul Lindel's The Pigman. By this time in the story, John and Lorraine have secretly separated themselves from the other two friends, Dennis and Norton, because they have made a friendly contact with Mr. Pignati, the poor unsuspecting old man whom they had pranked days earlier on the phone. Dennis and Norton are still immature and couldn't be trusted with the fact that John and Lorraine were hanging out and getting to know the nice old man who gave them ten dollars and spent some time with them at the zoo. Norton, in fact, is a liar, a cheat, and a thief. In chapter four, it is mentioned that Norton got caught stealing marshmallows from the store and was dubbed The Marshmallow Kid because of it. Also, in chapter 4, it mentions that Norton and John don't really get along so well, so that's another reason why the group of four seem to split at the time Mr. Pignati is befriended. Hence, in order to throw the two buddies off their scent, John and Lorraine meet them in the cemetery merely to hang out so the other two don't bug them more about their whereabouts. They also don't want any harm to come to Mr. Pignati because they have gotten to know him a little bit better. The last thing John and Lorraine want to do at this point in the story is to set a vulnerable old man up for another joke--or worse, a theft by Norton or more pranks by Dennis.

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