Why did John kill himself in Brave New World?

John kills himself in Brave New World because he has been overcome with shame after participating in an orgy. John had always believed that it was better to seek the truth than succumb to the temptations of an easy life. But in participating in the orgy, John has violated this most sacred of principles. Unable to live with himself over this act of self-betrayal, he takes his own life.

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John the Savage is a rare person indeed when it comes to the dystopian society depicted in Brave New World: he is someone who actually has principles and lives by them irrespective of the consequences.

The problem, however, is that John's firm moral principles are combined with a fearsome self-loathing that makes it impossible for him to effect any change in the World State. John is too singular, lacking in confidence, driven by violence and self-hatred to take on the kind of heroic role so desperately sought by Bernard.

John's self-loathing ultimately proves to be his undoing. He retreats to an old lighthouse, eager to get away from the corrupted citizens of the World State. However, word soon gets out that he is there and tourists flock to the lighthouse to gawk at him. One day, in an almost ritualistic fashion, he begins to whip himself as the crowd of onlookers watches. Soon, a mass orgy has breaks out. What's even more shocking is that John participates in this orgy. This is the man...

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