Why did John Byro visit Aram's house in his surrey after getting his horse back in "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse"?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

John Byro visits Aram's house for two reasons as far as I can see.  The first is to allay Aram's parents fears that their son stole the horse.  Byro rides back and assures them that all is well and that the horse has been found/ returned.  This move is to ensure the parents that no ill will has been harbored and developed towards their child, something that Byro knows is extremely important to these people of the Garoghlanian tribe, where honor and prestige is second to none.  This is the reason why he cannot bring himself to accuse the boy of theft earlier on the in the story, even though he knows that the child did steal his horse.  Another reason he brings the horse back is to show Aram that there is no ill will harbored towards him, as he remarks that the horse is better behaved and better equipped to deal with riders than he was before.  In this, Byro offers his gratitude to Aram in a round about manner.  A moral lesson is taught and learned, without the preachiness or high handed morality that is seen in most stories like this.  Instead, Byron comes back as one that has earned Aram's trust and respect for his decency and his sensitivity.

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