Why did Jacob need a compass and a map in New Moon?

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Chapter 8 of New Moon is called "Adrenaline," describing the rush Bella feels riding on the motorcycle. Jacob tries to show her how to ride it, and as Bella takes off, she hears Edward's voice in her head. Edward's voice tells her she is being reckless, but Bella continues her dangerous behavior so she will continue to hear the voice. Bella crashes, goes to the emergency room for stitches, and is diagnosed with a concussion.

Bella tries to think of another way to hear Edward's voice without getting hurt. Her next idea involves searching for the meadow that Edward took her to (in Twilight) to show her how he sparkles in the sun. Bella tells Jacob about the meadow, leaving out the details about Edward. Jacob is willing to help her find the meadow again and thinks they will be able to as long as they have the right tools:

"What are you thinking about so hard?" Jacob asked.

"Well…" I began slowly. "I found this place in the forest once—I came across it when I was, um, hiking. A little meadow, the most beautiful place. I don't know if I could track it down again on my own. It would definitely take a few tries…"

"We could use a compass and a grid pattern," Jacob said with confident helpfulness. "Do you know where you started from?"

"Yes, just below the trailhead where the one-ten ends. I was going mostly south, I think."

"Cool. We'll find it." As always, Jacob was game for anything I wanted. No matter how strange it was.

Bella gets a topographical map of the area, and Jacob draws "a complicated web across the key section of the map." The lines are to try different routes in order to find the meadow in the vast forest. While hiking, Jacob holds and uses the compass "in a skilled way." Although they don't find it this time, Jacob says they can keep trying. He impresses Bella with his skills:

Jacob checked the compass every few minutes, keeping us in a straight line with one of the radiating spokes of his grid. He really looked like he knew what he was doing.

Thus, Jacob needs the compass and map to help Bella find the meadow, which she wants to find in an attempt to hear Edward's voice.

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