Why did Italy get involved in WW1 and what did it look like afterwards?What did Italy do in WW?

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Its a little confusing because Italy starts the war, technically on one side, the German side, and ends up fighting on the side of the Allies.  

In the late 19th century, Italy formed an alliance, the Triple Alliance, with Germany and Austria-Hungary.  All the treaties and alliances that had been created demanded that partners support the efforts of their fellow alliance countries in their war effort.

But, even though the members of alliance were engaged in war, Italy, under pressure from its citizens declared that they would stay out of the war and violate the rules of the Triple Alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary.

So Italy found itself in a very dangerous position.  They feared being attacked by Germany and Austria-Hungary, so they appealed to the Allied forces, Great Britain, particularly, who gave them assurances and a loan. After the Treaty of London was signed, the Italian army attacked Austria-Hungary.

At the end of the war, Italy did not get what was promised by the Treaty of London.  In fact they were treated very badly at the Treaty of  Versailles, their Prime Minister, Vittorio Orlando was silenced by the big three, US, FR, GB. They only received a small portion of what they were promised.

"Italy was given the two small areas of Istria and the South Tirol."   

More than the land, Italy was transformed politically because Orlando's career was over and Mussolini took advantage of his weakness to gain power.   

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