Why did the Industrial Revolution first appear in England?

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Great Britain at the time was very rich in the two elements which are staples of the early onset of industrialization. These products were iron and coal. Since England was colonizing, it was free to look for more of these materials outside of Great Britain, wherever there were colonies by the 1700's. Having the colonies was a huge advantage because the trade of iron and coal to and from Great Britain opened the door for trades markets, and for other products to be included in that trade. This way, more than one industry in Great Britain began to benefit from this trade of elemental industrial material. As a result, Great Britain benefited incredibly and expanded its industries with more ease than any other country in the beginning of the Revolution.

The more Great Britain sold, the more demand it created. Hence, as a result of the high demand of product merchants began to develop ways to make productivity faster and bulkier. This, they did with the advent of the machines, and with the creation of new technologies that could be used to produce so many of the things Great Britain was able to provide.

This is how the manufacturing industries and all the machines began to proliferate, and how the Revolution began its marching steps.

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