Why did the industrial revolution appear in Britain?I want to say: what are the main factors that helped its appearance in Britain? Thank you very much.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many reasons for the starting of the Industrial Revolution in England.  If you have a text or some type of course outline that is being followed, I would refer to the answers provided in this first and progress from there.  The movement or transformation from an economy of agriculture and rural life into one of factory production in urbanized settings helped to set the stage for industrialization.  The economy of England before the Industrial Revolution was fragmented and based largely on the notion of the cottage industry, where individualized made goods were produced by one's labor and a system of bartering for goods allowed economy to exist.  With the advent of factories, mass production, the increase of inventions that harnessed energies of steam to drive production, goods became seen as a means of profit and posting greater economic and material wealth.  In this light, the factory system started replacing the bartering system, and individuals started making a move to more factories, which were located in cities.  This shift from farms to factories ends up playing a large role in the establishment of the Industrial Revolution.

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