Why did Henrik Ibsen, writer of the play "A Doll's House" write played that showcased such grand gestures of Feminism? What could have happened in his life that would lead to him writing plays that included feminism?

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First and foremost, Ibsen is a Realist, and as such he depicts life in Norway as it is during the late nineteenth century, examining social and psychological problems, both. No Feminist, Ibsen sought only to illuminate the social problems of his day; such treatment as that of Nora's was not uncommon.

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There are many reasons to write about people's dignity, whether those people are men, women, minorities, rich, poor, etc. This play, A Doll's House, is not about female dignity alone. To read the play correctly, in my opinion, we have to see Nora as a person first and a woman second.

She strives to claim an identity but has to fight against Mrs. Linde first and Torvald later. She is underestimated all-around.

This is not a story of feminism, properly speaking, but of self-assertion. 


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