Why did Hemingway connect his writing to heroism or classical notion of heroism?  discuss briefly

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the critical elements that Hemingway defined as part of his conception of "hero" is the idea of representing grace under pressure.  The Hemingway hero is a figure who is able to carry on and endure, doing what must be done, despite the fact that the world around him and the individuals within it might lack the moral fortitude that he possesses.  Part of the reason as to why Hemingway wrote his heroes with this element in mind might be because he sincerely believed that his historical context of the early 20th century was a period where moral fiber was needed to face the challenges in front of many.  Given the challenges in Europe and the wave of modernism which was giving way to post modernism, Hemingway's belief was that "grace under pressure" was the only way to progress and advance through such difficult times.  The idea of an ordinary man possessing the "extraordinary" qualities of grace under pressure might have been one reason why the Hemingway hero is constructed in the manner it is.