Why did Hatsumono hate Sayuri so much?  

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Memoirs of a Geisha, Hatsumomo hated Chiyo/Sayuri for several reasons.  Chiyo arrived basically as a servant whom Hatsumomo made fun of just because she could as the important, only geisha in the house. Chiyo is determined to escape which Hatsumomo finds out and   forces her by withholding her sister's location to damage a kimono which adds to Chiyo's debt. No one opposes Hatsumomo as she is the geisha, the source of money for the house.  As the story progresses,  through various means, Chiyo becomes the geisha Sayuri, is helped by several people including the Chairman, and becomes the star geisha of the house which infuriates Hatsumomo. With Sayuri becoming the star, Hatsumomo's turn as the important geisha of the house begins to fade.  When Hatsumomo starts to bring a boyfriend into the house at night which is forbidden, the doors are locked and she is disgraced.   Though Hatsumomo tries to regain her status, Sayuri replaces her and Hatsumomo is removed from the house.  In essence, Sayuri takes Hatsumomo's place in the house, leaving Hatsumomo to work as a prostitute. With all of these antagonistic actions between the two, Sayuri wins and Hatsumomo is left with her hatred and poverty. 

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