In "Indian Camp," why did the husband of the Indian woman kill himself after the birth of his son?

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Because Hemingway often omitted crucial information from his stories, they are frequently ripe for interpretation, comment, and criticism. One theory about the suicide of the Indian husband in "Indian Camp" suggests that he is not the father of his wife's child and that Uncle George, who rushes to the camp ("Nick heard the oarlocks of the other boat quite away ahead of them in the mist") before Nick and Dr. Adams, is the actual father. When Nick gets to shore, he sees Uncle George giving cigars to two Indians. It is usually the father of a newborn who hands out cigars. It is also potentially suggested that Uncle George raped the Indian woman. When he holds her down, she bites him, and he labels her a "damn squaw bitch."

If it is rape, the husband, because he is Indian and Indians were considered second-class citizens at that time, has no recourse against Uncle George. He could not go to the white authorities and probably would not want to admit that a white man impregnated his wife...

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