Walk Two Moons Questions and Answers
by Sharon Creech

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Why did Gram want to know all about Gramp's dog before she married him?

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In answer to Gram's questions about where his dog sleeps and how the dog greets him when he comes home, Gramps describes how the dog sleeps right next to him in bed, and how, after the dog greets him joyously each night, he sits and pets her and sings to her. Gram sees that Gramps is a kind, loving man from the way he treats his dog. She says, "I figure if you treat a dog that good, you'll treat me better. I figure if that...beagle...loves you so much, I'll probably love you better. Yes, I'll marry you." (Chapter 12)

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xeroxx79 | Student

Gram was making sure if Gramps treat dogs well as humans, he'll treat her right too! So she asked him and she found out he's a kind, caring, and a fine man! So from that day she accepted being with him as she made sure he would treat her the right way!