Why did God put the apple tree in The Garden of Eden?Eden was supposed to be a perfect paradise. A sublime place of unimaginable happiness. So why did God place a 'tree of forbidden knowledge' in...

Why did God put the apple tree in The Garden of Eden?

Eden was supposed to be a perfect paradise. A sublime place of unimaginable happiness. So why did God place a 'tree of forbidden knowledge' in the middle of this paradise and then create Adam and Eve with an itchy curiousity ? Why didn't he just put the apple tree on the Moon or on a planet revolving Alpha Centurai? Why did he create the apple tree at all? Why not just allow Adam and Eve to be happy?

He made a test they couldn't pass. And then he raged about it and punished the human race FOREVER with sin.

Surely he KNEW Adam and Eve would eat the apple?

Surely he WANTED Adam and Eve to eat the apple? 

Expert Answers
booksnmore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think God wanted humankind to have free will/free choice. As people with free will, Adam/Eve had the choice to eat of the forbidden fruit. They could have chosen not to. We all have choices...including (assuming religious belief) the choice to follow God or not. For God, I assume there is joy in having relationship with people who choose to follow. If God did not give humans that choice, I assume there would be less satisfaction in relationship.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There's a difference between God knowing they would do it and God wanting them to do it.  As a parent, I've stood by and watched my kids do things I was pretty sure they would do but did not want them to do.  I let it happen because I thought they needed to learn for themselves...

I agree that it does not make sense for God to get mad at them, though, when they did what he knew they would do.


ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

God created man and gave him freedom of choice. Sometimes man makes the wrong choice and he or others have to suffer--as was the case in the garden. When reading Paradise Lost by John Milton, I wondered, “What if the apple tree was not a test of man’s faithfulness to Godly instruction, but a means of providing evil one last opportunity to reform. i.e. Don’t try to talk them into disobeying God?

laurenk99 | Student

maybe it was a test.. maybe it was also a choice.. i think that paridise is not the same for everyone.. maybe this was gods way of alowing us to make our own paridise.. maybe hevan is where we go when we pas on but maybe hevan is also acheivable on earth?

anthonysagayam | Student

Fruit in the Eden Garden was a pure symbol of freewill given to mankind. God said he created man in his likeness and to rule like him on the earth. God has never or wanted to create man as a slave to just follow prescribed instructions. The fruit is not referring to apple or any other fruits...fruit is referring to the word. Man was given the choice to choose by himself either to heed to the word of god or to the evil word (Satans word). Out of the freewill man chose the lust filled satans word to fall to his deception and transfer the god given dominion authority to satan. This is the authority that Jesus has regained and given again to mankind. All that you claim in his (jesus) name shall now be granted to you. Even today we have the same right to choose...to listen to satan s word or god s word.

melissatorocco | Student

On one hand, God put the tree of the knowlege of good and evil in the garden because God wanted Adam and Eve to choose obedience, and to trust Him. God is not a puppetmaster, and Adam and Eve are not puppets. Without an opportunity to choose wrong (the tree), there could also be no opportunity to choose correctly.

On another, maybe He allowed the temptation. Adam was at Eve's elbow, and both of them were tempted. It may have been His plan because of all the things that have happened since the garden.

The garden itself may not have been God's entire plan, and the tree may have been the plan working itself out.

God is smarter than we are. We won't know until we're with Him, and there's only one way for that to happen, and that's through Jesus. Then we can ask Him ourselves.


andrewlet | Student

In reply to ckjc7373 Yet would we have known any better if we had been a bunch of subservient robots because if we are to believe what the good book says what he wants of each and every one of us is that we obey his scriptures without question so one can argue that it may well have been better being robots?

The BIG difference between God & us is that he knows our every move before we've made them.  By letting Adam and Eve pick the 'apple' off the tree what did it prove to him, nothing really because he already knew what the outcome was going to be robot or otherwise.

Additionally I don't get God's action, as beefheart said why not put the tree on the moon or out of harms way, he created a perilous situation knowing full well what the outcome'd then blamed us for his mess vis-a-vis another quirk of his creation, satan, then later tried to retrieve the siuation by allowing his son to take the flak for his mess which we've had to carry the burden of since.  Re Satan; God the supreme being etc. goes & creates an aberration in satan why? He knows full well what the outcome of this creation is going to be (zillions massacred, raped, tortured) yet he let's it slide.

Looking at it another way would you as a parent give your child a box of matches in a room full of lighter fuel & leave them to it? No you wouldn't because you know what would happen simple as that!

suzant | Student

Yes, God is all-knowing and all-powerful and because he has all knowledge and all power, we do not; therefore, we cannot fathom his ways, they are passed finding out.  Therefore, some things it makes no sense to question.  As human beings we always wish to know everything, but that's not possible because we just cannot be God. We seek to have facts for everything, but just like mother nature does things beyond our realm of control or power, so it is that He (The almighty creator) does things beyond our realm or understanding, control or power.

frizzyperm | Student


So why did the all-powerful, all-knowing creator of heaven and earth allow an incredibly persuasive and cunning fallen angel (the devil) to mislead Adam and Eve. Why didn't he stop the Devil from tipping the scales?

ckjc7373 | Student

God put the test in the garden because he didn't want a bunch of robots.  He had to give us a choice.  If we were not given a choice to obey (or not to obey) we couldn't choose to love him.  I want my husband to love me because he has chosen to, not because he was programmed to.  Love that is forced is not love.  God knew that and put the "test" there so that he could have a relationship with us.  They didn't HAVE to fail, in fact they didn't fail until satan got involved.  Those two trees were in the garden from the beginning and Adam and Eve avoided them until satan got involved.  

God did not set them up so that he could punish them for eternity, he simply made a way for them to have a relationship with Him.  

beefheart | Student


But you let your kids make mistakes so they can learn for next time. There was no 'next time' with the 'apple test'. It was an all-or-nothing, one-time-only deal.

And Adam and Eve ultimately had to fail it. They had no choice. They were set up and then punished for eternity by a God who wants us all to grovel for his forgiveness. The whole thing just does not add up. 

epollock | Student

The biblical story of Adam and Eve is a popular motif from earlier civilizations. For a person to answer that question, on why the particulars of the question, would depend on one's religious view point. If one is not religious, then it is a mere story with a few holes in it. If it is religious, and a supreme being put it there and if supreme, would know what would happen, then it becomes up to the individual to believe or disbelieve it.

krishna-agrawala | Student

I believe the God not only put the apple tree in the Garden of Eden, but he also created the tree along, just as God also created Adam and Eve and rest of the universe. So it is not just the question of why something in the universe was created to be the way it is, but why the universe itself was created. I really cannot answer this question. But I am sure that once we can find answer to why this universe itself was created, we will not have any reason to find fault with the nature of anything in the universe. The apparent faults of the universe the way it is and the way it has evolved are all essential parts of the universe. If we can find reason for existence of the universe itself, we can find reason for everything that exists within the universe.