Why did God allow Corrie and Betsie to be arrested?

Expert Answers
teachersage eNotes educator| Certified Educator

 According to the book, God allowed Corrie and Betsie to be arrested so they could be witnesses of Christ's love and light in the concentration camps where they were interned and so that Corrie could be a witness after the war to what went on in the camps. The two sisters were sent to several camps and ended up in the notorious Ravensbruck. While at the camps, they held Bible studies in the evenings, using a small cloth Bible that miraculously escaped detection and confiscation. Betsie believed that if people could learn to hate, which is what the Nazis taught, they could also be taught to love. She devoted herself, as Carrie did, though Carrie was more bitter, to spreading God's love in the camps. At one point, the women shared their precious medicine with other inmates instead of hoarding it for themselves, which was a stunning thing to do in those circumstances, and it miraculously lasted extra long. Although Betsie died in the camps, she never lost her faith. Both women helped others keep hope alive in a terrible situation.

After the war, God used Corrie's experience through her book and her tours to show other people that God is with them even in the most terrible situations.