Why did The Giver apologize to Jonas after sharing the memory of war?

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In Jonas' community, the people live a peaceful existance without violence or pain. War no longer exist, because there are strict rules that everyone follows and people in the community do not have contact with others outside the community, so there is no one to come into conflict with. Therefore, Jonas has never experienced anything like the horrors and pain of war before, and after the Giver shares the memory with Jonas, he apologizes because he knows that it has shocked and pained Jonas to receive this memory.

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 The Giver apologized to Jonas after the transfer of “warfare” because he gave it to Jonas without any ominous. Jonas was very wounded by this explicit vision and he felt a bit disappointed that The Giver had to embrace that. That’s why he assisted The Giver to convey the memory to himself. The Giver felt helpless because he had made Jonas suffer by saying these six words. “Please… Take some of the pain.” (pg. 118).That made Jonas want to comfort The Giver somehow without knowing what lay ahead. Jonas couldn’t stand all that pain that he had received from The Giver, which made The Giver, feel negligent. This was only because, the community Jonas lived in had no contact with others outside the community and there for there was no conflict between communities. In that case, Jonas and every other citizen in the community had never confronted war. Jonas had never seen, or experienced anything like it before. The Giver didn’t indicate the memory to hurt that much, it was just pervading him from the inside. He was too indignant for any sort of conversation with Jonas. The Giver felt very ashamed for hurting Jonas so much. The Giver had hurt Jonas and that was unacceptable in the community they currently live in. I think the Giver felt guilty for making Jonas suffer with the pain he was not yet ready to acknowledge. 

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The Giver apologized to Jonas because where Jonas lives, in the communtiy, there is nothing such as war. so, Jonas was frightned and hurt because he never saw anything like it before.

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Because The Giver was there to help and transmits memories to Jonas. However one day The Giver dismisses Jonas without transmitting memories and when Jonas asks to share Giver's feelings, the young boy feels pain because of the memory.

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In the community that Jonas lives, the people live a life without deep emotions and with strict rules to prevent the order which maintains them peace, yet Jonas never really experienced violence or pain. War never existed in their lives, so did Jonas’s, and now he is defeated by horrors and pain of war. Thus, after the Giver shares the memory with Jonas, he apologizes because he knows that it has shocked and pained Jonas to receive this memory.


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