• Why did Germany enter World War I, and who were Germany's allies?
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    There are several reasons why Germany was involved in World War I. Germany became a unified country in 1870. By this time, most of the lands that were available for colonization were already controlled by other imperial powers. Thus, for Germany to get colonies, they were going to have to most likely fight to get these lands.

    Knowing going to war was likely to occur, Germany began to build up its military. This alarmed other European countries that also began to build up their military. Germany built its military with the intent to put it into action. Germany wanted to be a world power and knew fighting would likely occur.

    Germany had an alliance before World War I began. This was known as the Triple Alliance. It included Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. When World War I began, Germany had an alliance called the Central Powers. This alliance included Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Italy fought on the side of Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union in World War I. Since Austria-Hungary asked Germany to support its upcoming declaration of war on Serbia, Germany felt obligated to honor its alliance with Austria-Hungary. Thus, Germany agreed to support Austria-Hungary if they declared war on Serbia. Germany also believed it might be able to accomplish some of its goals if Austria-Hungary was successful with its attack on Serbia and the Balkan region.

    The start of World War I was partially an attempt by Germany and other countries to achieve various goals they had in terms of achieving the status of becoming a world power. This war, and later World War II, was Germany’s attempt to gain land, power, money, and influence.

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