Why did Georges Braque paint "Woman With Guitar"?What was his purpose? What does the painting represent?

Expert Answers
loveart eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso worked together to develop the style of Cubism. Cubism was a technique in which objects, such as simple objects from their studio; a vase, a piece of fruit, a wine bottle or a person, were viewed from different angles. Then the different angles of the subject were aligned on a grid using verticals and horizontals. The viewing of different angles of the same subject all on the same plane of the canvas was a unique and revolutionary idea in pictorial composition. In order to further break down and simplify objects, color was muted into neutrals of grey and brown. Picasso and Braque worked together, sharing each other's ideas, images and techniques; so much so that they actually stopped signing their canvases. The painting, "Woman With Guitar" is an example of early Synthetic Cubism. Analytic Cubism is when the subject is analyzed from different angles and put together in different ways. Space is flattened, color made neutral and lines and details simplified or removed. In Synthetic Cubism collage elements and textural elements are introduced. The space is further simplified with less shading and fewer facets. Woman With Guitar is an example of early Synthetic Cubism. This unique collaboration of artists, along with the revolutionary ideas of composition and form began the abstract movement in Western Art, which continued for decades.