Why did Federico Lorca give his play "Blood Wedding" such a title and how is it related to the main themes?

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One of the themes of the play could be said to be "Death in Life", that is how people can 'die' while they're still alive. At one point in the play, the Mother asks the Bride: “Do you know what it is to be married, child?” The Bride says she does, but the Mother emphasizes her point anyway: “A man, some children, and a wall two yards thick for everything else."

At this point, we can see that a Boda de Sangre (Wedding of Blood) could be seen as a jumping off point for death, rather then a celebration of life. Marriage as a social institution can cause an early death while one is still alive, while true love can reaffirm life.

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Blood wedding is related to the main theme of the book in many ways.

In act III the wedding of boy and girl end the life of two different men from two different families. In a way the wedding is a kind of spiritual death for a woman. She is locked into her home marriage is "four walls"

Blood signifies a death. And the death is one that occurs spiritually. When a man a women married in those times then the woman was locked into her home and if the man decided to leave her than there was nothing she could really do about it. We see this with Leonardos character when he leaves his wife and also mother who is left bitter and empty after her husbands death. In a way marriage is a death because when you marry a man part of you is integrated with him and when he goes or dies part of you does too.

Women could not remarry in those times and if they did they were automatically shut out of society.

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