Federalists and Democratic Republicans

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Why did the federalist party collapse?

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The Federalist Party was one of the first political parties when the United States began. 

The War of 1812 brought about the end of the Federalist Party. When the War of 1812 began, most of the Federalist party disagreed with it due to the fact that trade was inhibited with England during the war. Since many of the members of the Federalist party earned an income through trade, the War of 1812 was detrimental to their livelihood. Eventually, the Federalist party became so desperate that they threatened to break apart from the Unites States of America if the War of 1812 did not come to an end immediately. Unfortunately for the Federalist Party, this threat backfired. As soon as the peace treaty (Treaty of Ghent) was signed in 1814, a majority of Americans saw the Federalist party to be traitors. This viewpoint from the American people led to the end of the Federalist Party.

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