Why did the farm's name change from Manor Farm to Animal Farm?

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Manor Farm is a name devised by humans. As such, it symbolizes the control they have over the farm and over the lives of the animals who live there. Once the animals take control, however, the ideology of Animalism is put into effect. Among other things, this means that the old name has to go, along with all other signs of domination by the hated human enemy. According to Animalism, humans are exploiters of animals. They must be overthrown and expelled from the farm if the animals are to have freedom over their own lives. So, to symbolize the new order, the name of the farm is changed to Animal Farm. The farm belongs to the animals now. It is their farm, not the humans'.

Equally symbolic is the fact that the name of the farm changes back to Manor Farm when the pigs learn to walk upright and are almost indistinguishable from humans.

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