why did faber decide to go to st.luis

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Montag visits Faber, Faber tells him that  the only way he could possibly listen to him is if somehow the fireman structure of society itself could be burnt.  So they concoct a plan in which they would make copies of the books, plant the books in firemen's homes, turn in the alarms, and see the firemen's homes burnt to the ground.  The firemen would then be considered treasonous and the firehouses would be destroyed.  However, they ran into a problem in that they needed to find a printer to copy to books.

After Montag kills Beatty and he is on the run, he goes to Faber's house and gives him some money.  Faber tells him about the people on the river.  He, however, has gotten a new incentive in life.  He is headed for St. Louis to visit a retired printer he knows there.  He still hopes to put their idea into action.  He was leaving on the 5 AM bus.