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Why did Faber decide to go to St. Louis in Fahrenheit 451?

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Faber wants to go to St. Louis because he knows a printer there who is sympathetic to Montag and Faber’s cause to spread knowledge found in books.  Faber and Montag plan on planting books in other firemen’s houses in hopes that some of Montag’s peers will also be persuaded to quit burning books.  After Montag kills Beatty and is injected by the mechanical hound, he makes it to Faber’s house where he gives Faber the money he needs to get to St. Louis.  Montag then takes some of Faber’s clothes to mask his scent from the mechanical hound and escapes into the woods where he meets up with the hobos who memorize and preserve portions of knowledge for society.  

The printing of and planting of books in the homes of the firemen is a rebellious act by Montag and Faber who hope to spread the knowledge found in books, therefore, changing society’s ignorance and dependence on technology.   The novel ends with the city destroyed by a nuclear weapon, and we never know if Faber makes it to St. Louis.  

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