Why did European life change beginning in 1000 AD?

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European life was changing in many ways in the eleventh century CE Let us look at a few reasons why.

The first major change was related to the development of agricultural technology. A new plow with a heavy iron plowshare enabled peasants to plow fields in about half the time it took before, made it possible to till much deeper into the soil, and made breaking the soils of Northern Europe and Britain possible. This went along with the development of a collar allowing farmers to hook these plows to horses, which are not as powerful as the oxen that were usually used for plowing. Europeans also developed rudimentary crop rotation techniques to boost yields. This, along with a climate that was somewhat warmer (1000–1300 CE was once called the "medieval warm period"), boosted crop production.

This led to two other, interrelated changes. The first is that fewer European people had to be employed in agriculture, and the second was a fairly rapid population growth. The result of both was that...

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