Why did Ernest Hemingway write The Old Man and the Sea?

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Ernest Hemingway was apparently telling his own story through the experience of Santiago. Hemingway was getting to be an old man himself. He was living in Cuba and must have seen the native Cuban fisherman going out in their boats every day. Hemingway loved fishing for marlin. He had a high-powered boat named Pilar, after a tough female character in his novel For Whom the Bell Tolls. There is a strong and obvious analogy between Hemingway and Santiago. The Cuban fisherman had been unable to catch a big fish for a long time and was feeling depressed and old. Hemingway had been regarded as the best American fiction writer and one of the best writers in the world. But he was beginning to lose confidence in himself. He desperately wanted to write another novel that would show the world, and himself, he was still a champion. It had been many years since he had written a successful and critically acclaimed novel. According to the eNotes Introduction in the Study Guide for The Old Man and the Sea:

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