Why did Emily Brontë choose two narrators for the novel?

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Wuthering Heights has more than two narrators, if we include, for example, Catherine's diary entries and Isabella's letters, but the two main narrators are Lockwood and Nelly Dean.

Bronte chose Mr. Lockwood so could frame the story from the point-of-view of a complete outsider to Yorkshire, the Earnshaws, and the Lintons. Lockwood is a wealthy, conventional, and somewhat clueless man who is probably meant to be like most of us, in that he is not driven by the fierce passions that run through the main players in this family drama. He, like the rest of us, is also not used to the isolation of the moors and the inwardness and intensity it causes in relationships. We see him in the beginning of the novel gradually trying to make sense of the hostility that seethes all around him. Like him, we go from being initially repulsed to gradually...

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