Why did Elie Weisel write Night?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question can be answered in several ways.  One reason why "Night" was written was to speak to the world about the ordeal of the Holocaust from a survivor's point of view.  I am not sure any History text can effectively relay the horror, atrocity, and terror of The Holocaust any better than Wiesel's work.  One need only read about how he was whipped or the closing lines where he stares in the mirror only to see a corpse staring back to understand the true impact of The Holocaust.  Another reason it was written might have been for Wiesel's own voice to be acknowledged.  Anyone who has endured an trauma on the level of Wiesel's must speak out, must take back what was taken, and use their voice in articulating their narrative.  I am certain that Wiesel must have had a psychological compulsion to pen the book of his experiences.  I think that another reason why "Night" was written was to alert the world of the danger in remaining silent.  While Wiesel speaks very clearly to the sadistic cruelty of the Nazis, he is also quite forceful in speaking out against the Jewish individuals who did not say anything when they recognized atrocities were happening.  When Moshe the Beadle is taken, many dismiss him as insane, and few, if anyone, speak out about his rights being violated.  This understanding, that silence only benefits the perpetrators of cruelty, is an extremely important element in Wiesel's "Night."  It is a theme that Wiesel himself speaks to quite eloquently throughout his career.  In a speech delivered at The White House entitled "The Perils of Indifference," Wiesel summarizes it:  "Indifference is a sin."  These reasons are only the beginning of why "Night" was written.

user4314949 | Student

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iamkaori | Student

He wanted to convey his experience of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a terrible event in history and no one wanted to talk about it. Elie was like that at first, and kept silent. However, he soon realized that someone who personally experienced and went through the Holocaust had to talk about it, if not history would be repeated. 

maiziesmart | Student

I think it was to tell the world his experience in the U.S Holocaust. Basically to tell his families experience of being a Jewish boy being sent into concentration camps. There are many quotes in the book that you can refer to about why he writes the book. We are doing an English project right now about the book "Night" that we just got done reading. This was a really good book. If you read it over and over again you will finally get the idea why he wrote the book. You can even come up with your own reason why he made it.