The Demon Lover Questions and Answers
by Elizabeth Bowen

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Please find a quote that will explain why the Drover family left their London home in "The Demon Lover."

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Here's another quote that highlights why the Drover family left their London home:

at thirty­ two she was very greatly relieved to find herself being courted by William Drover. She married him, and the two of them settled down in the quiet, arboreal 8 part of Kensington: In this house the years piled up, her children were born, and they all lived till they were driven out by the bombs of the next war.

Of course, the "war" here refers to World War Two, and the setting of the story is London. In the quote above, the "bombs" constitute the main reason the Drover family left their London home. Mrs. Drover has only returned to the house to check on its condition and to pick up some needed items for her family.

In the story, Bowen references Mrs. Drover's "married London home," which is empty and devoid of the voices of her family. The home is compared to a "cracked cup," its dilapidated condition the result of German bombing campaigns. In fact, these campaigns were called "The Blitz." This blitzkrieg or lightning war resulted in many casualties: about 43,000 British civilians were killed. Meanwhile, about another 139,000 were wounded.

The text highlights some of the structural damage sustained by London homes during the Blitz. We are told about broken parapets and chimneys.

Because of the dangers, many civilians like the Drover family left London for the countryside during the war. Some, like Mrs. Drover, often made dangerous journeys back to their homes to pick up necessities, such as clothing or food (non-perishables).

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Although the reason for the departure of the Drover family home is not explicitly referenced, we can infer the reason, especially if we consider the description of the house that we are given and the reference that is made to bomb damage. Consider the following quote:

There were some cracks in the structure, left by the last bombing, on which she was anxious to keep an eye. Not that one could do anything--

Such information leads us to infer that this house has been abandoned because it is in London and the story is set during the Second World War, when London, as well as many other British cities, were blitzed by the German air force. Many people left London as a result, and the Drover family was just one of these many families who moved to a country home for safety for the duration.

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