In the French Revolution, why did the Directory fall? 

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The directory was the government set up by the Constitution of the Year III as a result of the French Revolution. It was a very short-lived government, lasting only 4 years.

The Directory included a bicameral legislature consisting of the Council of Five Hundred who proposed legislation, and the Council of Ancients who rejected or accepted the legislation.

The executive branch of the Directory was led by five directors, whom the Council of Ancients picked from a list drafted by the Council of Five Hundred.

The Directory suffered from numerous problems that led to its downfall, including a weak executive office and rampant corruption. While the Directory did accomplish some good things, its policies focused heavily on preserving those in power instead of truly benefiting the people. This corruption, combined with a government that was weak and ineffective to begin with, paved the way for the French to accept the rule of the dictator Napoleon Bonaparte, who brought the order and stability...

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