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In chapter 14, Dill runs away from Meridian, sneaks into the Finch household, and hides underneath Scout's bed. After Scout and Jem get into a fight, Scout accidentally steps on Dill's body, and he comes out from underneath her bed. Jem immediately tells Atticus, who informs Dill's aunt that he is at their home and allows Dill to spend the night. That night, Dill climbs into Scout's bed and explains to her why he decided to run away. Dill tells Scout that his parents are relatively nice, loving people but do not spend quality time with him. According to Dill, his parents let him play alone while they go into other rooms to read. Despite the fact that they buy him new toys, Dill's parents rarely play with him, and he feels like he is not needed. Dill tells Scout,

That wasn’t it, he—they just wasn’t interested in me (Lee, 144).

Dill's parents contrast greatly with Atticus's as a parent, and the audience feels sympathy for Dill after listening to his reasons for running away.

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