Why Did Communism Seem To Pose A Threat To Capitalist Nations

Why did communism seem to pose a threat to capitalist nations?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Communism was a big threat to capitalist nations. Noncommunist countries worked to prevent the spread of communism for several reasons. First, the goal of communism was to spread its influence throughout the world. The communists weren’t content to keep that system where it was currently found. They wanted to make the entire world a communist world. The noncommunist countries didn’t want to be surrounded by a world filled with communist countries. Thus, these countries tried to prevent communism from spreading.

In a communist system, people generally have few freedoms because the government controls just about everything. There rarely are free elections in communist countries. The party determines who the leaders will be. There also are fewer economic opportunities in a communist system. The government determines what will be produced, how much will be produced, and the pay of workers will receive. Instead of letting the forces of supply and demand determine these things, the government artificially makes these decisions. Thus, resources may not be used most efficiently and the economy may not run as efficiently as it should. Sometimes products that are available in a capitalist economy are in short supply or not available in a communist country. In capitalist countries, choices and freedom are available to the citizens. The communist system is opposite that of a capitalist system.

The noncommunist countries had very valid reasons for developing policies to fight the spread of communism. These countries didn’t want noncommunist countries being taken over by communist governments.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Communism seemed to pose a threat to capitalist nations for two main reasons.

First, communist ideology held that communism would eventually take over the whole world and that communist countries should help to make this happen.  This made capitalist countries fear that the communist bloc was going to try to keep expanding as far as it could.  Second, the Soviet Union had a military arsenal that was very imposing.  It could have been a major threat to the US and its allies.

When you combine these, the threat seems clear.  You have an enemy whose ideology that says it will try to conquer you and which has the means to do so.  That sure sounds like a threat.

chanrautina | Student

Because they couldn't open trade with them and couldn't purchase any companies of those countries.