Why did communism failed in russia? thank u~~

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 communism did have a negative effect to the Russian economy,population,social,cultural, and ideological views. since communism is when everything belongs to the government, nothing is privately owned - people do not completely benefit from businesses etc. Communism was a very rigid ideology and custom, people werent allowed their basic rights, religious beliefs were rideculed at and were meant to be wiped out. the communist government was to be involved in all aspects of the peoples lives...

due to reasons listed above, the economy couldnt elevate and therefore many people were left unemployed, since there was absolutely no private ownership (which meant less induvisual business, which could have helped in the smooth running of the economy) ... causing a downfall in the country. 


after the second world war, germany was divided into 2 politically different states - West germany (this was democratic, since it belonged to the USA) and East germany (which belonged to Russia - causing it to be a communist state) these two countries always had a rivalry to show the world which ideology was better - democracy, or communism. future helps us to judge at hindsight, that West germany progressed much more that the Eastern (communism side) since many privately own businesses were set up and people had their say - it was basically for the people,by the people, to the people. Whereas communism = eveything done by the government.


hope this helps(:

refrences - twentieth Century history by Tony McAleavy.

              - GCSE modern world history.

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