Why did the Cobras stop chasing Maniac Magee at Hector Street?

Expert Answers
slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hector Street is the divide between the two racially segregated sides of town. The white people live on one side and the black people live on the other, and no one ever crosses Hector Street to visit the other half. The Cobras, as tough as they think they are, won't even cross that line. Maniac, however, is the only person who is at first unaware, and later, unafraid of the boundary. Maniac realizes that lives on both sides of Hector Street are similar, at times hard, at times loving, and that everyone, no matter what their race, has something to offer. Maniac Magee crosses racial and prejudicial boundaries and eventually gets others to do so as well. 

mkcapen1 | Student

“Maniac Magee,” is a book by Jerry Spinelli written about a time when races were segregated.  Communities were also segregated and it was uncommon for one ethnic group to venture into an area primarily occupied by another ethnic group.  Maniac was being chased by white the Cobras who were white children.  When Maniac runs to the section of town that black people lived in the boys stopped running after him.  It is the East end and they have been raised not to cross over into the area.  Maniac does not seem to have the same resistance to change and acceptance of ethnic groups as other children his age.

llllllallala | Student

The book was written durring racist times so there the street divided the east and the west side of the street by seperating the "whites"(west) and "blacks"(east).The cobras do not set a foot there sense of there color,But magee cross the street unaware of this.